Unlimited colors and effectsItalian & venetian plasters for walls

In these finishes, the Italian artistic tradition finds a renewed expression. Traditional building materials, such as lime and marble, are combined with modern technologies, creating even finer and yet more durable materials. The natural elegance of mineral plasters thus marries ease of application and resistance, conceiving solutions suitable for every type of surface and use: from the walls of private homes to those of high traffic areas, whether they are interiors, exteriors, or wet areas. The wide range of finishes and effects obtainable with the products of this line is suitable for any decorative project aimed at creating inspiring and exclusive surroundings with durable, top-quality materials.

The plasters in this line are based on lime and marble aggregates, with the exception of Beton Stucco and Pastellone, whose main binder is cement. In these materials, the use of synthetic additives, such as acrylic binders, is minimised (<2.5%), while the VOC values are close to zero. The characteristics of durability, healthiness and eco-compatibility of lime make these timeless materials an ideal choice in the contemporary ecological transition.





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Modern extra glossy, fine-grain Venetian plaster for mirror walls
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Marmorino fine
Glossy, fine-grain Venetian Plaster with remarkable trowel movement and depth
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Marmorino coarse

Large-grain Venetian plaster with a uniform, satin finish and faint chiaroscuro effects
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Marmorino medium

Medium-grain Venetian plaster with medium shine and modest trowel movement
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Marmorino metallic

Fine-grain Venetian plaster enriched with mica powders for a metallic effect


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Beton stucco

A concrete effect finish for urban and industrial styles
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Smooth and rough areas alternate in this finish with an indistinct chiaroscuro effect
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Lava plaster

A versatile stucco for decorative effects: more than ten distinctly diverse finishes
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Marmorino for walls and floors marrying elegance and resistance
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Venetian façade

Stronger Marmorino with reinforced mould resistance for durable exterior walls


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Smooth and rough areas alternate in this finish speckled with golden micas
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Marmorino velvet

Matt plaster with a slightly coarse look, yet velvety to the touch
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Seta plaster

Matt finish with pearly reflections and velvety to the touch, reminiscent of silk
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Smooth and rough areas alternate in this finish speckled with silver micas
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A matt, smooth plaster that evokes the appearance of Vicenza stone, perfect for coating walls and furniture


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A traditional Italian rough plaster for exteriors
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Typical textured plaster of the Venetian tradition, combines the benefits of lime and clay
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Scagliola plus

A contemporary Scagliola material that is easier and faster to apply than the original
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Smooth and satin plaster of the Moroccan tradition
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An Italian textured finish from the Renaissance tradition

MINERAL PLASTERSA note on primers and sealers:

The primers recommended in the decorative wall plasters product-pages are intended for an ideal substrate such as new plaster / washable paint / gypsum / plasterboard-coated walls. Other types of substrate, such as old walls, tiled or marble surfaces will need a different substrate treatment. Please refer to the instructions in the TDS.

On mineral wall plasters the application of a sealer is optional. The only environments in which sealers are necessary are: wet areas (inside showers, saunas); or in areas subject to spillages, such as: bathrooms, kitchens splash back walls. On exteriors, sealers are important only in heavily polluted cities. A varnish is necessary on Travertino, Pastellone, Petrae, and Beton Stucco when these are used as furniture coatings.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ on Stucco Italiano’s mineral wall plasters
Are all these Italian decorative finishes suitable also for external walls?

A lime or cement plaster is theoretically suitable not only for interiors but also for exteriors. There are however exceptions. Some of our products, being decorative finishes, are not recommended for external use because they can deteriorate in their aesthetic appearance. This may happen because some of our stucco wall textures do not have the possibility of being adequately protected from weathering.

Do stucco and Venetian plaster walls resist outside in low winter temperatures?

Yes, they do. They are made of lime, which is very resistant to low temperatures. In Northern Europe, we traditionally find it as an external finish in the form of plaster. Both lime and cement resist both heat and cold very well. Lime even better than cement, being a more flexible binder. Therefore, Venetian plaster walls, as well as other lime-based stuccos, are perfectly suitable for cold environments.

What maximum temperature do Italian decorative finishes resist? Are they suitable for fireplace hoods?

Lime and cement are resistant to over 300 degrees Celsius and therefore have no problem being used in contact with high temperatures. However, problems may appear in stucco wall textures due to sudden changes in temperature which can cause cracking of the surface.

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