OUR COLOR SYSTEMVenetian plaster colours

Our professional-grade Colour System designed for achieving high-quality results and ease of use

Quality and simplicity of useDecorative finishes colour system

Our professional-grade Colour System is designed for achieving high-quality results and ease of use with all of our decorative products, both plasters and paints.

Our colour chart includes 132 specially curated Venetian plaster colours, as well as formulations for over 1400 additional colours from NCS and RAL.

Our Web App, PC and tinting machine software designed to obtain over 1400 colour formulations for manual mixing. Formulations are expressed both in ml and grams.



Our software makes it easy for you to create the perfect colour formulation for your project. By simply selecting the material to be tinted from our list of products and the desired quantity, you can choose from 1400 colours for both interior and exterior use. Our Colour System is compatible with all Stucco Italiano products, including decorative lime-based plasters and decorative acrylic paints. The resulting formula is provided in both volume (milliliters for use with a syringe) and weight (grams for use with a scale).


Our colour system allows for even more flexibility with the ability to create custom formulas. The formula can be adjusted to your specific needs, such as increasing or decreasing the percentage to achieve a lighter or darker colour, or adjusting the ratio of specific colours. These custom formulas can be saved with the customer’s name for future reference.

  • You can colour your material easily with gram scales or with a syringe;
  • You can colour any of our products;
  • You can modify the colours easily; e.g. you can make a colour 10% darker or lighter, or a beige colour containing 5% more or less red etc;
  • You can save the formulation for the colour you created for future use, simply by generating a file with the name of the customer, the date, etc;
  • It is important as a professional to be able to make any colour you or your customer wants. With our Colour System you learn how to do it;
  • You save money because our pigments cost much less than those in any other colouring system;
  • Your material will be of higher quality. Most of the colouring systems use big quantities of extenders, such as glycol, to keep the liquid dye from drying out. With our system, you get just pure pigment;
  • You can get the same colour even years later, since we always use the same pigments or colouring powders in our dyes.

Create the perfect colour formulation for your project!

The perfect colour formulation for your project

Our new colours APP

Discover our official web app, designed to obtain over 1400 colour formulations for manual mixing.

FLEXIBILITY & CREATIVITY Venetian plaster colour chart

Our colour chart was carefully developed to match all of our decorative materials, with special emphasis on achieving the perfect Venetian plaster colours. We supply our Marmorino (Italian for Venetian plaster) in Natural White, allowing for easy tinting with any of the 132 colours in our Venetian plaster colour chart. This allows for the ultimate flexibility and creativity when it comes to achieving the desired look for any project.


If the desired colour is not listed in our chart, our expert team can develop a custom formulation based on your instructions to ensure a perfect match. We also offer a colour matching service, where you can send us samples of the desired Venetian plaster colours and we will match them as closely as possible.

We are committed to providing only the highest quality products, and that includes the dyes we use to achieve the colours in our Venetian plaster colour chart. We use only pure pigments in our dyes, without the addition of extenders or other chemicals, to ensure that the final result is of the highest quality and durability.


PROFESSIONALS AT YOUR DISPOSALHow to choose the best Venetian plaster colours?

Venetian plasters are natural materials made of lime and marble powders, and as such, certain hues that remind soft earth tones suit them better. However, Venetian plasters are now also fashionable in more vivid, modern hues. Choosing the right Venetian plaster colours for your project can be a difficult task, which is why we are here to help you.

We will work with you to choose the best colour to blend and coordinate with
your architectural design and home atmosphere.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ on Stucco Italiano’s Colour System
How many colours does the Stucco Italiano Colour Chart have?

Stucco Italiano’s colour chart is a comprehensive collection of 132 unique colours, specifically curated to match our decorative products. However, our colour system goes beyond that by offering over 1400 colour formulationtions that can be applied to our products. Indeed, our colouring system allows you to create any colour based on the main colour charts on the market, such as RAL and NCS. This means that you have access to a wide range of colours that can match your desired aesthetic. However, it’s important to note that you’ll need to use our colourants and that the formulationtions are only applicable to our products. This ensures that the final result is of the highest quality and durability.

How many colourants does your system require?

Our colour system is designed to offer over 1400 colour formulationtions, which are created using 15 different dyes. However, it is worth noting that not all dyes are used equally. Some colourants are used more frequently in the formulationtions, while others are used only sparingly. This means that with a selection of around 8 main colourants, you will be able to achieve a majority of the formulationtions.

Is a tinting machine required to colour Stucco Italiano’s decorative finishes, or are there other methods for the artisan?

Our Colour System is specifically designed to empower craftsmen and DIY enthusiasts to create custom colours for their projects without the need for expensive paint shop equipment. With the use of Stucco Italiano’s Web App and a precision scale or syringe, you can easily achieve over 1400 colour formulationtions. Naturally, the software is also compatible with all tinting machines, making it a versatile and accessible solution for any project. This allows for greater flexibility, creativity and cost-effectiveness when it comes to creating the perfect colour for your project.

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